At a time when growing media coverage of the gaming industry has become inescapable, The Creative Nerds has decided to invest some of its ressources and time in it.
1. A new website, planned for 1st April 2020 , will be entirely dedicated to gaming updates.
The website will host a shop online to sell some goodies and merchandising:
2. Two video channels have been created to highlight our involvement in gaming:
Youtube channel
for gaming-experience highlights, gameplay recording and video creation.
Youtube Channel
Twitch channel
for Streaming with a weekly schedule.
Twitch Channel
3. Our interaction with the gaming world will be threefold:
HTC Vive
Virtualy Reality gaming with HTC vive.
Videos will be posted on YouTube. Partnership with
Apex Legend
Streaming the game Apex Legend.
Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday on  Twitch.
Regular video creations on YouTube.
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