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  •   Royal Horticultural
    Society of Ireland
    ( Magazine, Brochure & Leaflet Creation )
  • Members of the RHSI have welcomed the fresh design approach of The Creative Nerds which is evident in recent issues of the Society's Journal. Mansour advised on presentation and lay-out. His attention to detail at every stage was particularly impressive.

  •   Mary Hackett - Editor

  •   Digital Publishing
    ( ebook )

  • Working with The Creative Nerds Team was a great experience. They were able to digitize a backlist, out-of-print book for us, and make it accessible in PDF, ePub, and mobi fomat. We are delighted that the title can now be made available to a new generation of scholars and students.

  •   Elisabeth Maselli - Rights Manager and eBook Coordinator

  •   WildWay
    ( Website Creation )
  • The fact, that Mansour studied at the national botanic garden, made easy the communication about horticulture. I was very impressed that he was equally passionate about food production. He was able to use his IT creativity in order to create a digital value to our green products: Sea vegetable. As our sales grow, we ordered flyers and printed single informative note for each of our vegetable. I will recommend him without hesitation. In addition, a multilingual feature was added to our website allowing us to export to French market.

  •   Kieran Fitzpatrick - Owner

  •   Os Vision Systems ( Website Creation )
  • space
    I had first the idea of a physical store to sell my products (LED Light). Due to the high cost, I was confronted to find quickly a web solution for a shop. Looked around, I discussed with the guys from The Creative Nerds. In few weeks, I had my shop online put together designed the way I wanted. My sales are 100% online with a technical support if needed.
  •   Keith Mullins - Owner
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